About the Holman Dealer Rewards Program

The Holman Dealer Rewards program for auto dealer sales people is the most generous in the industry.

To participate, the dealership must do business with a qualified upfitter. We deem an upfitter to be a company or individual who purchases and installs our products.

Depending on the particular upfitter, rewards will be paid on the amount of the sale of Holman equipment, plus installation as follows:

1.      Vans

7% plus 3% if the upfitter is a participating partner.

2.      Trucks

3% plus 3% if the upfitter is a participating partner.

We process rewards weekly. If we owe you more than $100, you will receive a check within 2-3 weeks of submitting your claim. Otherwise, you will be paid monthly.

Please take note. Claims must be submitted within 90 days of the upfitter invoice date. All claims must be supported by an upfitter invoice. Invoices billed to leasing companies are not eligible for rewards.

We send all checks to the address you specify in your registration. At year’s end, a 1099 will be issued as all rewards are subject to Federal and State income taxes.

The Holman Rewards program is a terrific way for you to make extra money on every truck and van sale.

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