Frequently Asked Questions About Rewards

Payment will be made via check.

Checks over $100 will be mailed on Wednesdays for all approved items submitted the prior week by Friday at Noon Pacific Time. If your reward is less than $100, we will wait until it accumulates to $100 before sending the check.

The check will be sent to the home address listed under your initial registration.

Authorized upfitters are Holman distributors who buy Holman products directly from us and are registered to participate in the rewards program.

You will receive 7% on Holman van products/labor & 3% on truck products/labor if your upfitter opts out.

You will receive 10% on Holman van products/labor & 6% on truck products/labor if your upfitter opts in.

OPT IN: Upfitter contributes an additional 3% to what Holman offers back in rewards. Bringing your reward to 10% total on van products, 6% total on truck products.

OPT OUT: Upfitter does not contribute an additional percentage to what Holman offers in rewards. Bringing your reward to 7% total on van products, 3% total on truck products.

  • The invoice is not from the last 90 days.
  • You uploaded a quote instead of an invoice.
  • You submitted an invoice for an upfitter who is not authorized.
  • There are non-Holman parts on the invoice, and the pricing is not broken out, so we cannot determine the reward amount.
  • There are no Holman parts on the invoice.
  • The reward amount is under $25.

If you are receiving a “VIN” error, that means that VIN has already been submitted. Check your submission history – have you already submitted the invoice?

Please email [email protected] for password reset assistance.

Visit 'Your Profile' to update any address information.

No, your login information should still work.

If we pay you over $600 in rewards during the calendar year, you will receive a 1099.

For additional questions and inquiries, please send an email to [email protected].